Life long battle of a Burn victim

The lifelong struggles of a burn survivor

Surviving a fire accident is not easy. The aftermath, the anxiety with life, the burn marks left with the body for the rest of the life and there are just so many issues to tackle with for a survivor. There is no guide for a survivor to abide by, no one to tell what to really feel. But it all starts with- you. You will be the starting point of anything that follows. If you don’t sort out things in your head, which admittedly would be tough, things will never fall in place. But the only thing that eventually matters is- you made it out alive.

There are no proper guidelines you need to stick to, but here are some things that might be of help to a survivor:

1. The new set of bodily challenges:

A burn survivor usually has a lot of burn marks, skin doesn’t feel right at places and there are places which still hurt. But the new set of challenges shouldn’t really make someone feel too low of them. There will be a new set of bodily challenges, there will be more of mental challenges to be handled with, but nothing should stop the unstoppable.

2. The mental state is important:

Any cure starts with someone being mentally ready to accept the cure. If someone just doesn’t want to start healing up on whatever happened, there’ nothing the doctor and the technology can do for them. It starts with being mentally active and readily acceptable; then moves forth to the rest of the challenges.

3. Accept whatever has been done with:

Withdrawal symptoms are real and people often get sucked into this. There will be many times when you start questioning yourself as “Why me?” But these thoughts will only mean that you will be sucked into the loop of self-destruction. Accepting whatever has happened is a way to figure what can be done next.

4. All the people won’t be harsh:

Not everyone’s going to stare at you when you go out, not everyone’s going to ask you what happened to your skin and how. It’s fine to go out more often and not explain anyone whatever you don’t feel like. No two people are the same and that explains why you should trust yourself and enjoy life as it comes. Sulking will only mean you will lose out on whatever you are left with.

5. Self-critique is not a good option:

Being a self-critique is never an option when it comes to sensitive situations like these. Being self-motivated is what helps the best. Self-critique turns up to be more of a burden on to the shoulders of the one having these troubles than of help.

6. Intimacy is not an issue:

A lot of burn survivors usually freak out on the idea of being intimate with someone else. But there are people who love others beyond their physical appearances. You are beautiful anyway, and intimacy will never be an issue.

You are not a burn victim, you are a survivor. Wear the badge like a pro and move on with the rest of the life. There will be many challenges thrown at you, but trust the process and your destiny- It’s going to settle.

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