Beyond Carlton: Donate Now to spread fire safety awareness

Beyond Carlton is continuously engaged in awareness building programmes at Malls, Corporate offices and Educational Institutions, as well as in legal efforts to ensure justice is delivered to those who lost loved ones in the fire, as well as those injured in the tragedy.

It is also our sincere objective to make builders more accountable and ensure that Fire Safety norms are complied with, to protect lives in the future. Some of the initiatives carried out by the team include filing a PIL in the high court to seek more stringent laws. We have conducted fire safety quizzes at schools, instituted a Best Fireman Award, conducted radio campaigns and held protests when the injured were not provided compensation.

However, to sustain all these efforts, we require the support of individuals and organisations such as yours.

Together we can bring about the change that is required so that we may all live more safely, without the fear of fire hazards

Beyond Carlton is a registered charitable trust. If you would like to make a contribution please donate here:

1.We are currently accepting donations only from Indian citizens and India registered companies or enterprises.
2. Your contribution to Beyond Carlton is exempt from tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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