Burn Injury

What can you do when you get accidental burns?

Accidental burns are completely inevitable. You cannot anticipate it, and yet you need to learn and know what can be done in situations like these. Accidental burns can happen for a lot of reasons, but one thing still rules that you cannot just let the burns be. No matter what degree of burns they are, you can only give immediate help to the victim but not let that rest. Doctors must be consulted right after the accident and get the required assistance.


What do you do when you get accidental burns? Even if you are away from hospitals, there are certain basic things you can still carry on forward and make the pain of the victim a little lesser.


1. Driveaway the source of the fire:

The source of the fire should be immediately extinguished or driven away. You cannot do anything up until the source is away from the victim. Take the patient away from the fire and start with first calming down the patient.


2. Get hold of a blanket and wrap the patient in it:

Seal any door of oxygen inlet from the blanket to the patient. There should be no oxygen flow and completely cover the person up. The fire will eventually die down and the patient’s body temperature will stabilize a little. Now that the temperature has been brought to a level, you can take forward by soothing the burns on the skin.


3. Water helps in minor burns:

water in the burn injury

Throwing water or making the person stand under a flowing stream of water helps a lot only when the burns are not major. Major Burns will swell up excessively because of the temperature change and will result in some other things.

Take the patient to the doctor immediately and make sure the person is treated well.

What to do if it’s a water burn?

Liquid burns can be really tough to handle and can drive the person really tensed all across the floor. But water burns have a way of tackling with them:

1. Apply cool running water:

Not frozen water, but just cool water helps. Apply cool running water and make sure the source of boiling water is now way away from the person. Make the person stand below the flowing water and you will see sudden calm coming by the patient. The burn stops burning now.

2. Remove any jewellery or synthetic fibre that you might be wearing:

The fiber or the ornaments you are wearing might end up sticking up to the burn injury and slowly seeping in the skin. The skin now is very sensitive and all the pores are open. The fibres usually end up getting tangled with the injury-causing more pain and more aggravation.

3. Cover the wound:

The burn needs to be covered now with a bandage. But make sure the skin is not loose or is not greasy to attract cotton or the bandage material to get stuck with the skin layers.

Here are some quick tips that may help you while dealing with accidental burns:

1. Have a first aid kit since it is an inevitable accident and you may never know when you need it.
2. Call for help as soon as you see the accident.
3. Appy water for only 10-15 min and don’t waste much time for approaching medical assistance.
4. Cover the wound with a sterile non-adhesive bandage from first aid kit.
5. If it is major fire accident direct people (with a minor injury) to the emergency exit and the assembly point.
6. Conduct regular drills to know what can be done in accidental burns to make everyone aware.

Burn marks and accidents are very complicated to tackle with. There are different types of burn marks and different types of ways in which you can tackle each burn mark. The end line still remains the same- Consult a doctor nevertheless.


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