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Important Things that You Should Know About Fire Alarms

Fire especially accidental fire can cause irreparable damage when adequate measures are not adopted to prevent and control it. Every year, many offices and homes are affected by fires bearing the loss of life as well as assets only because of no prior preparation to prevent and fight it. One of the most important parts of preventing incipient fires from becoming large fires is the use of proper fire detection systems. Fire alarms can play a major role in detection as well as in alerting for safe evacuation if applied properly. Like every other equipment, fire alarms have also witnessed drastic changes over the years with the addition of many smart and intuitive features.

Smoke alarm

Smoke Alarm

What are fire alarms and how do they work?

The sole function of a fire alarm is to alert human beings about a fire breakout so that they can adopt the necessary measures to put out the fire and safely evacuate out of the area.

A fire alarm system has three major components fire alarm panels, an input system, and an output system. Out of the three components, the fire alarm panel is the most important component as it does all the thinking part of the system. The input is provided to the system manually or automatically depending on the mechanism of the system. Output module of the system broadcasts signals in the form of sound, beacon or output modules.

Here are 3 things you must know about fire alarm systems


  • Fire alarms are different from smoke detectors


Smoke detectors and fire alarms are often confused and are used in an interchangeable manner but there is a huge difference between the two. A smoke detector has only one function and that is to detect smoke and send an alert message whereas a fire alarm system can detect smoke as well as heat and provide signals to fire alarm panel. The choice between the two different systems depends on the premises and the functionalities you desire.


  • Maintenance of a fire alarm system depends on its age


Fire alarm systems do require maintenance and the maintenance mostly depends on the age of the system. Generally, a decent fire alarm system works fine for 5 years before demanding replacement but maintenance of components is a regular affair. It is advised that one must perform a minimum of through yearly checks on the fire alarm systems installed on their premises.


  • There are two types of fire alarm systems


There are two different types of fire alarm systems namely collective and addressable. In an addressable system, each detector can identify signals individually whereas, in a collective system, each detector cannot identify signals individually.  Addressable fire alarm systems are more reliable as compared to the collective type.

Fire alarm systems are great equipment to alert people about fires. Timely detection and awareness can minimize the damage caused due to fire. It is important to seek a professionally designed fire alarm system for the safety of ourselves and our family members. You can take a professional advice as to which fire alarm system is apt for your premises and the type of functionalities you require depending on the architecture of the building.

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