How to make a home fire safety plan? What are the things we must consider?

Accidental fires are dangerous especially when you are living in a home which does not have a proper and meticulous fire safety plan. Lack of any such plan could lead to irreparable damage as well as loss of life of loved ones. To avoid such situations, it is important to have a professionally designed and well-implemented fire escape plan.

When fires happen at our home, the very first step towards safe evacuation starts by sticking to the fire safety plan. An absence of any such plan can prove fatal and trying to extinguish fires on our own could prove disastrous. This article helps you learn to successfully make a fire safety plan for your home which can be pretty helpful in case of an accidental fire at your home. You can also know about the points you must consider while designing a home safety plan to ensure safe exit of young, and old members of the family.

Home fire escape plan


How to make a fire safety plan at home?


Getting the basics:

Firstly, we must Install the necessary fire safety equipment at our home such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers at every level of your home. We have the option of consulting our nearby government fire safety department regarding the quality of the equipment and the type of safety equipment we must install at our home according to the architecture and location.


After setting up fire safety equipment properly the next step is to train each member of our family on how to operate the equipment. Fix a day and let them know about the functions of different equipment and when to use them.

Fire drills:

Download a blank template from the internet and mark all the fire safety equipment installed in your home in it. We often ignore the fact that children can panic during such difficult situations, therefore, we must pay special attention to kids while formulating a fire safety plan for our home. With proper training, you can eliminate the panic that sets in and the training would help the members of the family to think clearly.

Fire safety plan:

The fire safety plan must include two safety exits in each room and a safe meeting place where you can meet the other members of the family after safe evacuation. Download the home fire safety checklist.

Create resources:

Display the charted fire safety plan at a centralized location in your home so that all the members of the family get used to it and could refer to it during emergency situations.

Points to Consider While Making a Home Fire Safety Plan

  1. While making a home fire safety plan, analyze the location of the house and identify the nearest emergency contact points.
  2. To ensure fail-safe fire safety plan, make sure that you have roles assigned to adults for taking care of pets, physically disabled members and toddlers.
  3. If the home has security bars/grills on windows and doors then a mechanism must be installed which allows you to open them instantly during a fire.
  4. Residents of high rise buildings must defend in place for better evacuation.
  5. The plan must include detailed passage towards exit points, garages, roofs and other open areas that could help in the evacuation.

Teaching your family members about fire safety helps them to be sensitive to emergency situations. It not only helps them to be safe at home but also in the places they visit.


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