ketan Jowardia Surat Fire

Ketan Jowardia – The Hero Of Surat Fire Who Saved Lives At The Risk Of His Own

Meet our fire champion Ketan Jowardia who saved at least 10 people from the devastating Surat Fire.

There’s fire everywhere around and there’s smoke blocking the view. Amidst all the chaos for people to find a way to run out, there’s this hero who thought of entering the fire-driven building just to save the lives of people he’s never met before. That’s Ketan for you- Ketan Jowardia, 23, was on his way out to his home when he saw the building on fire.  He saw how people, children specifically, were jumping out of the building in an attempt to save themselves from the consuming fire.

The tuition centre in Surat was on fire when there was a short circuit on the top floor. The top floor was illegally built so that they could accommodate more of the tuition and summer vacation children coming in. The entire look of the floor was built in a manner to attract more children- by decorating it with tires. When the fire pulled out every string it had, it was a massive one to control and people were jumping through.


How did Ketan save girls up there?

So Ketan was heading home and he saw this building. He decided to just climb up the fire-driven building, without any second thoughts. He went up to the slab that supported the floor which caught fire. He decided to slowly put girls who were jumping down to the slab so they were safe. It was hot there; the temperature was too much for a human body to take and yet he was there. Two or three people even slipped through his hands, which were less injured than they would have been otherwise. He saved 3 girls and put them safely on the slab. After his, he went ahead inside to see if there was anyone trapped in the floor more so. When he was assured that there was nobody in there, he decided to leave the burning building.


How did the building catch fire?

The building had already violated a lot of norms and regulations that were put up by the government. The floor was illegally built and it was just a penthouse sort of that had no proper foundation with respect to fire protection. There were no extinguishers of any sort. It all began with a short circuit in one of the wires and it then spread everywhere around within seconds. The spreading of the fire too can be blamed on how poorly this floor was designed. There were rubber tires everywhere- good conductors of heat and then there were fibres everywhere to fuel the fire.

Ketan’s bravery was awarded later on and was appreciated by one and all on how selfless humans still are. In the generation where properties have more importance than human lives, this human left everything he had to save young children stuck up in the massive growling fire. Two officers were even fired and put up on investigation for allowing the floor to be built and for clearing the dues for the construction. There has been a lot of attention toward this incident, more so because of the fact that there were many children who die during the fire accident.

For the ones who were rescued, Ketan is nothing less than a god himself. Ketan is celebrated even today for the amount of bravery he taught the world.

Ketan is our Fire Champion. Are you a #FireChampion, write to us at We’d like to feature your story.

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