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5 Things That Can Protect Your Home From A Fire

Have you given a thought to protecting your home from a fire? If not consider this,

Residential fires account for 20% of all the fire accidents in India. More than 1 lac people have died in various fire accidents in the period 2011-2014 in India. (NCRB Data)

In India, fire safety laws and implementation of fire safety always take a back seat. Unlike the western countries, the fire safety laws in India are not getting reformed at the pace of rapid urbanization and economic development.

As sensible citizens, we have to begin with educating our families about fire safety and prevent fire accidents in our homes.

These basic firefighting elements can make your home fire safe

1. Smoke alarms

smoke dectector

Smoke alarms are commonly available in online stores. A smoke alarm alerts you when there is a smoke (which is caused by a fire). The smoke from fires always rises to the ceiling first. These smoke alarms are placed on the ceilings to alert you immediately in case there is a fire. A smoke alarm is a in-expensive equipment which can protect you and your family. In many countries, smoke alarms are mandatory. But, in India, we do not find smoke alarms anywhere except malls, theatres, high-rise buildings and commercial establishments. Get one for your home.Do not forget to replace the batteries of smoke alarms at least once in six months.

2. Fire extinguishers

fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher would be the last thing that we would buy for our home. We buy so many things to make our homes beautiful. But, a fire extinguisher is one valuable equipment which helps to save lives. Buying a fire extinguisher alone does not protect you from a fire. You should know how to use it and refill it before the due date.

3. Fire escape plan & audit

Having a fire exit plan and educating the family members of fire safety is another important thing that could save you during emergencies. Many times, lack of awareness about fire safety is a major cause for fire accidents. By educating your family members, you can reduce panic and clarity in thinking during emergencies. A fire exit plan should include two ways out of every room and a safe meeting point. Practice a fire drill at least once every year. Teach your children and senior members about fire safety dos and don’ts.

4. Using electrical equipment mindfully

plug point


Electrical fires are also another major cause of residential fires. Hence it is important for you to check the electrical wiring of your home. Check the electrical equipment for frayed or damaged wires and replace it immediately. Discard old and worn out electrical appliances. Install a circuit breaker to prevent electrical short-circuits.

5. Fire brigade’s number

Remember to call 101 in case of a fire.Know the contact numbers of your local fire brigade. In a fire, the first few minutes are very crucial. Wasting time would make the fire grow bigger and uncontrollable.

These things could save a small home from a fire disaster. But, if you live in a high-rise building or a multi-storeyed apartment, firefighting becomes much complex. In these cases, you must be aware of many other protocols in which you could prevent or protect yourself from the fire.


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