What should you do upon hearing a fire alarm?

Do you know how a fire alarm sounds? Have you taken part in a fire drill/ mock drill before? or Do you choose to go home when there is one at your workplace? If you know how to act upon hearing a fire alarm it could save you crucial moments that make a difference between life and death… here’s why

How do fire alarms help us

Fire accidents are tragic and could lead to loss of life and property. However, if proper safety measures are deployed, fire accidents can be prevented. Out of all the equipment that can be used for detecting and fighting a fire, a fire alarm is the most reliable equipment.

With a good quality fire alarm, you can detect a fire before the situation reaches a critical point. One cannot stress more on equipping your workplace or home with a fire detection system. A fire alarm not only alerts you about an outbreak of fire but also provides you crucial moments to take precautionary measures that can minimize risk for life and property. Now, one of the most important questions that arise is the steps you must take upon hearing a fire alarm.

When you hear a fire alarm, you must act immediately. Never assume that it could be a false alarm as the longer you wait after hearing a fire alarm the less time you will get to evacuate yourself and your loved ones out of the affected premises. Even if it is a mock drill at your workplace or places that you visit, take part with enthusiasm. This learning could save your life in the wake of an emergency.

What should you do upon hearing a fire alarm?

  • Make a decision immediately

In case of a fire alarm, you have to take an immediate decision – – whether to leave the premises or to stay indoors. The decision could be a life-deciding factor and depends largely on the situation you are trapped in. Most of the times, evacuating the fire-affected building is the best decision. If you have missed the opportunity to safely leave the building or if the exit is blocked, you need to be prepared to fight the effects of fire such as smoke and flames before you are rescued out of the building by professionals.

  • In case of large fires, do not attempt to extinguish the fire

It is a human tendency to rush towards the cause of a fire or to attempt extinguishing the fire on your own. However, it is advised that never attempt to extinguish a fire or gather your personal belongings upon hearing a fire alarm.

  • Rush towards the assembly area

When you hear a fire alarm in a building, rush towards the assembly area that is mentioned on the fire notices in the building. As per law, every building must have a well-charted fire evacuation plan that should mandatorily mention the safe meeting points.

  • Do not use elevators

In event of a fire, do not use elevators to evacuate out of the building. Use stairs instead; as there are chances that fire could lead to electricity failure which would trap you inside the lift.

  • Close doors and windows if you have time

If you have time, try closing doors and windows in the fire affected area. It would help in containing the fire. However, attempt this step only if you feel that you can exit the premises safely before a hazard befalls.

  • Do not attempt to re-enter the fire affected building

Do not attempt to re-enter the building unless you are advised by fire fighting professionals and the building has been deemed safe.

It is important to be aware of the fire exits of a building. Always make a mental note of this whenever you enter a premise. It could be your workplace, theater or a mall.

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