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Watch For These Common Fire Safety Violations

Fire incidents can cause severe damage to life and property and hence, it is imperative to follow fire safety preventive measures to ensure that a fire is contained and minimal or no loss to either life or property is encountered. However, the list of fire safety violations is a huge one and some of them are frequent and common. Hence, it is always better to identify such common fire safety violations and see to it that they are prevented from better fire control.

#1 – Blocked Fire Exits and Passageways

Escaping a fire can be quick and easy if you follow the fire exits and the passageways. However, the most common fire safety violation is blocking of fire exits and passageways. Especially in offices and workplaces where unattended deliveries are stored directly blocking the fire exits and emergency escape routes.

#2 – Not Enough Illumination

Moreover, another common violation of fire safety is that emergency exits and other exits points are not properly illuminated which shouldn’t be the case. The exit signs should be easily noticeable and so should the pathways.

#3 – Blocked Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a pivotal part of fire control and should be accessible easily. However, commonly fire extinguishers are empty or inaccessible or blocked. Such a violation of fire safety can be hazardous and dangerous.

#4 – Fire Alarms and Sprinklers


Fire alarms can be more useful than perceived and hence, another common fire safety violation is an irregularity in checking fire alarms and sprinklers. If any defect if found, then they must be replaced immediately.

#5 – Smoke Detectors

Adding to the already long list of fire safety violations is an irregularity in the maintenance of smoke detectors. The batteries and parts of smoke detectors must be regularly checked and maintained to ring a bell about fire incidents at the correct time to ensure safety.

#6 – Fire Doors

Fire Doors are designed for specific purposes to contain the heat and the smoke. Keeping them open to allow easy exits is a common practice of fire safety violation. Fire Doors must be held open only in probable circumstances by approved personnel or devices.

#7 – Self-Closing Devices

Fire Doors are fitted with self-closing devices. Many times a common violation of fire regulations is loosened or irregular self-closing devices. These devices must be maintained regularly.

#8 – Extension Cables

Extension cables are temporary and must not be used permanently especially through walls or permanent structures. Such common fire safety violations must be avoided to prevent the spread of fire.

#9 – Covered Electrical Outlets

Often electrical outlets are left exposed which is a common fire safety violation. Exposed electrical outlets increase the chances of damage and hence, must be properly covered.

#10 – Clearances

cluttered electrical shaft


Clearances are the biggest common fire safety violations which occur in office spaces and areas alike. It is always a must to keep electrical sources free of furniture or any other obstructions.

The above-mentioned list includes some common fire safety violations which must be avoided to ensure the fire does not spread easily and rapidly and hence, preventing damage to life and property.

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Infographics on Fire safety violations

Fire safety violation infographic Fire safety violation infographic Fire safety violation infographic








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