Fire Safety and Prevention Day 2022 In Collaboration With Karnataka Fire And Emergency Services

We at Beyond Carlton had requested the Govt. of Karnataka to declare the 23rd February every year as a “Fire Awareness and Prevention Day” in memory of the lives lost at the Carlton Towers fire.

This has been accepted by the Government with the sincere recommendation of The Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services. As a part of the Fire Awareness and Prevention day, a mock drill and demo were conducted in various parts of Karnataka such as Reliance Market in Davangere, Srinivas University at Mukka, Mangalore where 350 students from Forensic Science and Engineering participated, a mock drill and demo were organized at Raichur district, fire drills and awareness programs were conducted by various fire departments in many schools in Mandya District where nearly 1000-1200 people participated. A mock fire drill was conducted also in Lambord memorial hospital in Udupi, where 120 staff participated.

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