Fire Safety in Schools in India

The Fire That Changed Everything!!!!!

The fire that changed everything!!!!! (1)


This beautiful poem by a citizen should instill a thought in all of us as to why we live life so carelessly. It reflects on the impact a fire tragedy can have on families.

So many things that should be done to prevent any disaster, take a back seat in India. So many incidents that could have been prevented. How many of us remember the last accidents that we read daily in the newspaper? Most often, we go nowhere beyond that, we talk about it and forget about it the very next minute.

Beyond Carlton was born from the ashes of the Carlton Towers fire accident in 2010 that killed 9 and injured 68. A clear case of violation of guidelines. 

In India, most of these accidents take place due to negligence and lack of awareness. We have lost so many lives due to our attitude of “nothing will happen to us”. We hear so many tragic stories like these, every month. Do we learn any lessons from that?If we were cautious, most of these accidents could have been prevented.
Let us make fire safety a priority! Observe your community and places you go to as a responsible citizen. Educate your friends about fire safety and teach your children about fire safety.
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Meanwhile, read this beautiful poem and share it with as many as you can. We hope this may inspire more of us to take our safety more seriously!
Our thanks to @smrutigopal for this piece…truly inspiring!

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