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7 Top Fire Safety Measures To Be Observed While Using Oxygen Concetrators

Oxygen concentrators are widely used in hospitals as well as households these days due to the current pandemic situation. Oxygen concentrators act as a life support system by providing supplemental oxygen. Oxygen concentrators can act as a life-support system but can prove disastrous if handled carelessly. Hence it is highly recommended to understand the fire safety measures before using oxygen concentrators.  It will go a long way in ensuring the safety of oneself & our fellow beings, providing hassle-free handling always.

1. No Smoking in and around the vicinity

It is very important not to smoke or allow smoking while using oxygen concentrators in the vicinity. Smoking during oxygen therapy results in injury. DO NOT SMOKE INDOORS for everyone’s well-being. Make sure that the oxygen concentrator & its accessories are away from the smoking zone.

2. Keep Oxygen Concentrators away from open fire & flame

Yet another factor to be careful about is the usage of oxygen concentrators in & around the kitchen. It is highly dangerous due to the exposure to open fire & the heat generated in the kitchen due to the continuous use of the stove.  It is best to use a microwave while on oxygen concentrators; however, if you are using a stove to cook, it is very important to maintain a distance of at least 3 meters between fire, oxygen concentrator & its accessory.

3. Avoid Deodorants/Aerosol products/paints/gasoline/solvents

Oxygen concentrators should be handled carefully and should be kept away while using highly inflammable products like hairsprays, deodorants, body sprays & alcohol-based sanitisers.

4. Avoid Electric razors/Hair-dryers/Oil/Petroleum-based products/Electric toys

One must remember not to use electric razors & hair-dryers while on oxygen concentrators as it could ignite & cause burns. Avoid applying oil-based toiletries & petroleum jelly, as in certain conditions, the combination of oxygen, oil-based toiletries & a spark from an electrical appliance, such as an electric blanket, hair-dryer, electric razor could ignite & cause burns. It is always better to use water-based cosmetics. Keep toys with electric motors & electric toothbrushes at least 2 meters away.

5. Secure storage of Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators should always be stored in a safe, secure, and upright position, especially during travel. This helps in avoiding damages to the equipment & avoiding injury. Always store oxygen concentrators in a clean, clutter-free environment away from dust, yet in a well-ventilated spot to avoid the equipment from getting hot.

6. Proper earthing of Oxygen Concentrators

One should always check for proper earthing of an oxygen concentrator. It should never be connected to extension cords or power boards.  It becomes highly imperative to inspect & service oxygen concentrators periodically to avoid unprecedented accidents. Oxygen concentrators must be kept away from children’s reach & constant vigil is compulsory. Always use an outlet that is NOT controlled by a wall switch.

7. Install Fire Alarms

Installing fire alarms is a wise idea, especially while putting oxygen concentrators to use. In the eventuality of a fire, it helps as a warning, allowing you to have a quick escape plan.

Every piece of equipment is designed to make it convenient for the users. So is an oxygen concentrator. Oxygen is like fuel to fire. So, an oxygen-rich environment poses threat in areas closer to fire & smoke. It is entirely in our hands to make oxygen concentrators user-friendly, safe & convenient by following certain important guidelines. The sole aim of this article is to create awareness among people on fire safety measures while using oxygen concentrators.

Follow fire safety measures …safeguard yourself, your near &dear ones.

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Written by Vidhya Renganathan

Vidhya is a content writer based in Chennai, always envisions the betterment of society & captures it in writing.






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