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surat fire

Worst Fire Accidents In 2019

With leading globalization and leading urge to cater to all the human population at once, one can see how long we have come across just constructing buildings all over. The construction policies, government regulations and certain other international policies are to be followed, no matter what other things are compromised for. But in recent times, because of lack of space or cluttering to metros, people are taking up to violating these policies thus leading to fire hazards and prone to other more disasters.

There are many policies that stand tall and hard against fire accidents. Even when they are unpredictable, they still can be avoided. But there are many firms, agencies and even housing societies that do not follow the norms.

Here are the 8 worst fire accidents in India in the year 2019 so far:

1) 43 Killed in an Anaj Mandi in Delhi

Anaj Mandi Fire Delhi

On December 8, 2019, as many as 43 people were killed in a gruesome fire accident in Delhi. The fire was reportedly started in a 4-storey illegal factory unit in Anaj Mandi, Delhi. At least 50 labourers were reported to be sleeping in the cramped space. The illegal factory unit had no license to operate a factory and moreover there were no fire safety equipment. There were only two exits from the building of which one was blocked by stacking of materials. As there was a very small exit route, most of the labourers were trapped inside the burning building.


2) 23 Killed in Surat coaching centre fire accident 


surat fire

The Surat accident had everyone held uptight because of how it turned out to be in the end. May 24th, 2019 saw a very huge accident when a fire broke out because of human errors in the tuition classes in Surat. The tuition classes back then had a number of students coming up for their summer vacations classes. There were about 23 killed in the fire accident.

It all started with the wrong construction of the extra floor as the “pent” floor. There were tires that acted as the seats for the students. The major violation of National Building Code (NBC) guidelines, was to have constructed the extra floor which was not permitted. The disaster left all of India in shock. Many students died in the course of evacuation and rescue. It was gut-wrenching to see people falling down from the burning building. [Source]

3) 17 killed in Karol Bagh – February 12, 2019


Karol Bagh fire

Source: Times Of India

The February month of 2019 saw a massive fire on the fifth floor of the Arpit Palace, Karol Bhag, New Delhi. It was the late hours of the night when the fire broke out because of a short-circuit and resulted in the entire floor is on fire. The adjacent floor too eventually caught fire. There were families heading out for marriage the very next morning. Many people had to jump off the building for the sake of their lives. There were about 17 people who died in this accident and many more were injured.

The cause of the fire was clear to be a short-circuit. But what lied beneath all the fire was the fact that there were many regulatory policies that were not followed. The area was far beyond what they had been granted, and the fire extinguishers were out of gas. [Source]

4) 150 cars gutted in Aero India show fire and a similar incident in Chennai – February 23 & 24, 2019


aero india fire

Source: NDTV

During the annual Aero India show in the month of February, a massive fire broke out at the parking lot. almost 300 cars were gutted in the fire. According to the sources, the fire started from dry grass and spread rapidly due to strong winds. [1]

Similarly, a fire in a parking lot in Chennai gutted around 170 cars. According to the sources, the cars were parked by a private company over the last year. The fire is reportedly due from an overheated silencer in one of the parked cars which became uncontrollable due to strong winds. [2]

These two incidents led to a huge property loss. Sources: [1], [2]


5) 13 workers charred to death in a chemical explosion at Mumbai – August 13, 2019


chemical factory fire

Source: DNA India

A fire triggered by a leaking chemical barrel led to massive explosions in a chemical unit in Sirpur, Mumbai. The explosion happened at 9.45 am and at that time there were at least 100 employees. The fire chemical leakage triggered and due to the fire, there were serial blasts from the nitrogen cylinders. Source

6) 9 lives perished in a cloth godown fire accident in Delhi – December 23, 2019

kirari fire accident Delhi

Just a few weeks after the gruesome Anaj Mandi fire accident, Delhiites woke up to yet another horrendous fire accident in a cloth godown at Kirari area. The glaring violations such as no fire safety equipment, poor access and only one staircase, makes one wonder, how these godowns were allowed to operate. [source]

7) 5 killed in Pune Cloth Godown Fire – May 9, 2019



Source: India Today

A massive fire in a cloth godown in Pune killed 5 people who were the employees of Rajyog wholesale saree centre, Urli Devachi. The cause of the fire is unknown. The fire broke at the wee hours, the employees were asleep. They could not escape the fire as the godown was locked from outside.


8) 5 Killed in Dibrugarh house fire, October 20, 2019.


Dibugarh house fire

Source: North East Today

A fire triggered by a burning candle kills 5 in a house at Dibrugarh. According to the reports, the incident took place at 1.30 am when the family was sleeping. The fire from the burning candle spread quickly as the house was made of combustible materials like wood, bamboo and tarpaulin, the fire caused an LPG blast. Also, the fire spread to the nearby houses. Source

In all these accidents, one can be very sure that fire safety awareness and sensitive approach to fire safety could have played a huge difference. Many of these incidents are mainly due to violation of fire safety laws and nonchalance which we always point out.

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