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B-Fire Safe By Beyond Carlton

In October 2021, BEYOND CARLTON successfully launched the B-FIRE SAFE initiative to sensitize citizens about the importance of fire safety in residential areas. 

The objective is to “Improve the community’s ability to observe, assess, and act for fire safety in residences.”

Expected outcomes: 

  • Citizens are alerted to the fire safety risks in their homes
  • Identify behaviours that need to change to be fire safe.

Leading the initiative, BEYOND CARLTON’s Vidya Goggi has crafted a roadmap that includes expansion through collaboration with partner organization – The Bengaluru Apartments’ Federation. The objective is to reach the fire safe message to a wide network of residential areas. The B-FIRE SAFE program envisages three elements – Awareness creation; Training of volunteers for prevention, and response in case of fire ; and Assessment of existing fire safety infrastructure, and suggestions for change, if any.

Apartments who wish to sign up to the program may write to info@beyondcarlton.org

BEYOND CARLTON launched this important outreach program at Sobha Arena, Kanakapura Road. The apartment complex has a well-documented Fire Safety system. The B-FIRE SAFE program focused the utility of the fire preparedness infrastructure, and awareness to gain familiarity on the equipment, home preparedness plans for fire safety, and importantly how to be vigilant to fire risks at home. The modules covered information on  – Residential fires, Elements of fire, The Science of Fire, The Space and Source, The Safety Drill, The Law, Fire Safe Home.

Forty-eight residents attended the session. In a preliminary participatory exercise, the Management Committee enlisted volunteers from among children and women residents to demonstrate the use of the fire extinguisher. The Management Committee demonstrated remarkable leadership in the conduct of this initiative. Community engagement was excellent with relevant questions being posed.

Harshini Kanhekar and B. Satyanarayana delivered the modules, along with program lead, Vidya Goggi, and Cheryl Rebello. Col. Jude Mayne provided all manner of detailed support in the thought process, content, presentations, and advice on practical information for communities.

Continuing the sessions – an on-site –  B-FIRE SAFE session was held at Sai Mahima Residency, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru. There was keen audience participation, and next steps on further training is under way.


Residents of Shobha Arena participate in activity to practice fire safety.

BEYOND CARLTON recognizes these citizen champions who  have made a welcome start on citizen fire preparedness.




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