Kamala Mills’ Fire Reminds Me of Bengaluru Carlton Horror Which Claimed My Son – News 18 – Jan 9, 2018

As news poured in on the large-scale human tragedy at Mumbai’s upscale Kamala Mills compound, I was filled with sadness, anger and frustration.

Sadness, because as a father, who had also lost a son in a fire accident I could immediately relate to what each of those families was going through.

Anger, because like most fire accidents, this was highly avoidable too, only if the guidelines were followed… Beyond Carlton’s Uday Vijayan

Key points discussed in this article:

  1. Fire safety violations in Kamala Mills compound
  2. Who is accountable for this tragedy?
  3. What do the statistics tell us about the public safety in India?
  4. Reasons for the mess: Urbanization and challenges, mindset, inefficient local bodies and authorities and archaic laws in India
  5. Read the article on News 18

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