1. In case of a fire, call 101 immediately. Never assume someone has already done it!
  2. When you notice a fire, activate your building’s fire alarm and shout FIRE at the top of your voice to alert others. Do not yell anything else – it could lead others to take longer to realise the seriousness of the situation.
  3. Never get into a lift when there is a fire. Use the stairs.
  4. When caught in smoke, cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth!
  5. If you’re caught in a room with smoke and can’t find a way out, close the door and seal all cracks with wet towels or sheets. This will prevent smoke from coming in.
  6. If your building is on fire, unless you are trapped, get out, stay out and call the fire service on 101 immediately.
  7. Invest in a smoke alarm for your home or office. Prevention is always better and smarter.
  8. Make sure that everything from smoke alarms, fire alarms and the public address system, to water hydrants and fire extinguishers in your building are in working condition.
  9. Check the date on the fire extinguisher near you. Make sure it has been serviced and refilled on time.
  10. Take a little time out to learn how to use a fire extinguisher and when to use one!
  11. Ensure that your building’s association or committee organizes fire drills once every six months. Also check if you have a designated safe assembly area in your building.
  12. Crowds around a building on fire can hamper emergency and rescue services. In such a situation, call 101 and exit from the area.
  13. If your clothes catch fire, do not run. That will fan the flames. Lie down and roll around. Smother the flames with heavy material, like a blanket or a coat.
  14. If you’re not trained in emergency and fire safety, do not shout instructions to those trapped. You may confuse and mislead them, and it may cost a life.
  15.  Heavy smoke and poisonous gases first collect along the ceiling. If there’s smoke, keep low to the ground. The air is cleaner there.

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