Fire accidents in India in the last two months

India witnesses 25,000 deaths every year due to fire and related accidents. The reason behind this large number of casualties is inadequate fire prevention measures and the lack of strict regulations to curb such accidents. Findings have revealed that most of the deaths in fire accidents are the result of storing inflammable materials in areas that are prone to fire hazards, blocking exit passages and faulty electrical instrument.


Here are some of the major fire accidents happened in India in the last two months.


1. Fire at Vattamalaikarai reservoir, Tamil Nadu

A major fire broke out in the dried up Vattamalaikarai reservoir, Tamil Nadu spreading across the several acres of the reservoir. The reservoir was used for storing surplus water in 1980. The dried up reservoir was filled with bushes and vegetations. Firemen took three hours to douse the fire. Thankfully, no human life was lost int he accident. You can read more about the accident here.


2. Fire accident at Warangal Bus Depot

A major fire accident occurred at the Warangal bus depot in August 2018, charring five buses. The fire was reportedly caused due to a short circuit in an under-repair bus and spread to the four other parked buses in the depot. According to an estimate, the fire accident leads to the loss of INR 50 lakhs to the state government. Read The Times of India’s report on the fire accident here.


3. Four Died Due To Suffocation In a Fire Accident In Ludhiana’s Hosiery Factory

A major fire accident at a hosiery factory in the Kalyan Nagar, Ludhiana took four lives on October 10, 2018. The deceased were labourers who were working in the factory when the fire broke out. The fire spread to all the floors of the factory. When the firefighters already working at the spot to douse the fire reached the third floor after extinguishing the fire from the lower floors, four persons were lying unconscious there. It is speculated that the labourers died due to suffocation after not being able to find a passage to escape the building. Here’s a report on the fire accident in Ludhiana.


4. Four Injured in Fire Accident in Chemical Factory Situated In Mumbai

Four persons were injured after a fire broke out in a chemical factory in Ambernath in the Thane district of Maharashtra. The reasons behind the fire are unknown. Four people were injured due to the fire and were rushed to a hospital as the fire started spreading in the vicinity. Fire brigade units from Ambernath, Badlapur, Kalyan, and Ulhasnagar helped in dousing the fire.


5. 12 People Dead Due To Fire Accident At Bhilai Steel Plant

The fire broke out at the Bhilai Steel Plant on October 10 while routine maintenance leading to the death of 12 people in the accident. 11 others were injured and were rushed to the nearby Bhilai SAIL hospital where a team of doctors treated them. A notice was served to the plant and a case was also registered against them in charge of the plant. Read a report about the accident here.

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