Beyond Carlton - city based fire safety blueprint

India’s First City-Specific Fire Safety Blueprint

We are delighted to present a 5year blueprint on fire safety for Bengaluru. This has been a long 8-9 months effort of consultation and iterations by the Beyond Carlton Team. This is one more effort on our part to help make our cities fire safe.

In our mind, a City Fire Safety Blueprint should have four components:

  • Quantified goals over a five-year term that are practical and achievable
  • An actionable roadmap with quarterly milestones
  • A single owner responsible for execution
  • Lastly, transparent quarterly performance data against milestones

Launching the 5-Year Fire Safety Blueprint for Bengaluru with Shri M.N.Reddi DG&IGP and
Shri Soumendu Mukherjee IGP of The Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services

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