A Vantage View -

A Vantage View

Eleven years on, and there’s still so much for us at BEYOND CARLTON to share and do toward citizen fire safety. I am happy to release our first edition of the BEYOND CARLTON newsletter – The FIRE EXIT. It’s an apt name and we aim to cover the fire prevention and response spectrum. We hope the information sharing leads to greater involvement, and prioritization of fire safety measures in residential areas, schools, hospitals and corporate organizations. 

In other news, we appointed a CEO – Cheryl Rebello, to lead our efforts, build on collective strengths, and make the difference we all seek for fire safe communities.

Recently, I had the privilege of having been featured in Deccan Herald’s first-ever podcast, where I spoke about the journey of BEYOND CARLTON, the steps we took over time, and the work that continues.

Our conviction only gets stronger: loss of lives due to fire is largely avoidable. The conversation also turned the spotlight on the lack of adequate measures for fire safety in high-rise apartments. What ensued was an interesting discussion about building inspection, learning fire safety steps, the role of management committees, and every resident. Hope it alerts you to what needs to be done, and how you can participate. 

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