Beyond Carlton: Free Counselling for fire victims & families

Free Counselling Service For Fire Accident Victims And Families

At Beyond Carlton, we understand the trauma that fire accident victims and their families go through. It takes a huge effort to overcome the pain, grief and stress for both the victim and the immediate family.

Recognising this, Beyond Carlton has decided to offer a free counselling service as a means to reach out and hand-hold those who themselves have been, or are living with people affected by a fire-related tragedy. The process of recognizing and accepting shocking and extremely difficult situations is a slow painful one. With a counsellor, it is possible to feel less alone, and more willing to look beyond the event.

Dr. Anupama Sanjeev has agreed to assist us in this initiative. She is a psychologist with more than 8 years of counselling experience. She has also worked in the area of psychometrics (the creation of assessment tools) and taught research methodology to post graduate students, apart from creating and running a student welfare program for a college in Bangalore. She has conceptualized events and created published content related to career counselling and is currently working on a mobile app for counseling.

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