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Fire accident in public places

Fire safety in public places

Recently, there have been many fire accidents at malls, restaurants, marriage halls, exhibitions, shopping complexes or other public places so far. Fire safety in public places is the last thing we would have in mind when we visit these places mostly...

Home Fire Safety Checklist

What Are The Potential Fire Hazards Around You?

Fire hazards around us A place that we commonly stay or visit could have many potential fire hazards that we may not even notice in our routine. Residences, workplace, public places, schools, libraries, etc could be the places that fall under this. R...

Protect home from fire

5 Things That Can Protect Your Home From A Fire

Have you given a thought to protecting your home from a fire? If not consider this, Residential fires account for 20% of all the fire accidents in India. More than 1 lac people have died in various fire accidents in the period 2011-2014 in India. (NC...